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Send in your mobile phone for FREE to our Reply Paid address and receive it back FAST & SAFE. Most repairs are completed the same day as received & sent back to you by Australia Post, courier delivery or pick it up from our shop for FREE.

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iPhone Repair Services Sunshine Coast

In this day and age with phones being an integral part of life, if something happens to your iPhone, you want to know it can be fixed quickly and by someone you trust. With many phone repair shops available to choose, you need to make sure you do your homework before letting someone touch your broken iPhone. Here at Phone Expert, we have vast experience in iPhone repairs in Sunshine Coast. Damages we have repaired range from a cracked iPhone screen, charging issues where you need a battery replacement, speakers not working, software issues and more.

If you bring your iPhone down to one of our 6 Sunshine Coast stores, we can have one of our experienced technicians quote you on the spot. Most repairs then are completed within 1 hour so you will have your iPhone returned to you quickly and as good as new.

iPhone Repair Services Sunshine Coast
Screen replacement, battery replacement, iPhone pocket dialing, iPhone hanging (freezing), charger port or speakers not working, iPhone slowing down, cracked screen, power or side button issues software issues and more – we are the ones to help with your broken iPhone.

iPhone Screen Replacement

iPhone Screen Replacement
One of the most common issues we see is a cracked iPhone screen. It is too easy to drop phones these days as they have been aiming to make them smaller, lighter and they are quite slippery as well. As far as accidental damage goes to property, it is a fairly inexpensive fix if your iPhone is still under warranty. If not, then it can be pricey (especially depending on the model). It’s important to shop around for an affordable and trustworthy third-party repairer like Phone Expert. Our iPhone screen repair prices are quite affordable so you don’t need to be without your phone.

Depending on the complexity of the damage and the model, your technician might need to fix the glass and the LCD layer. Extreme care must be taken by an experienced repairer to ensure your phone is not completely destroyed beyond repair. Once repaired completely by experienced technicians, no one will ever know it needed the repair and your luxury iPhone will be good as new. You won’t even have to wait for the repair for long, only about an hour for most repairs.

Book online for even faster service so you can simply drop your phone in and pop back after.