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Android Phone

How to backup android phone with Google

With our phones being such an important part of our everyday life, the information we keep on them can be priceless. Data such as photos, videos, messages, contacts, app settings and more needs to be kept safe.
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Remove debris or sand in phone charging port

How to remove debris or sand in phone charging port

Tips on what to do if you find sand in your phone charging port. How to clean it and how not to clean it for the best results.
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iPhone 8 Reset

How to Hard Reset iPhone 8

A hard reset is usually the last resort for iPhone 8 users as it deletes everything off the phone and puts it back to how it was when it left the factory. You may want to hard reset your iPhone, also referred to as a ‘factory reset’ for several reasons.
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iPad - Phone Expert

How to put iPad into recovery mode

If you find your iPad is frozen, become unresponsive, or has stopped working during a software update, putting it into recovery mode might help to fix the issue. Putting an iPad into recovery mode allows you to easily reset it, or re-install the iOS.
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